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About Fabulous Faces Skin Sculpting

Fabulous Faces Skin Sculpting was born from the exclusive protocol developed by Trish Heitz from her years of experience as an International Skin/Spa training/educational executive for 3 different French skin care brands.  Each of these brands sent Trish to Paris to be trained in their European protocols.  While utilizing these protocols, she recognized how each had segments that created an extraordinary difference in the health, glow and radiance of the skin. 


Having spent over 35 years in the Spa/Skin Care industry, trained in Paris, France in multiple advanced skin care modalities. and having earned the prestigious International CIDESCO Diploma attained by less than 1% of the US aesthetic population., she created a unique method of treating skin with  specific hand and massage movements for her guests and spas she consulted.   She created the instant result oriented Skin Sculpting (TM) technique, to lift the skin, detoxify the skin and bring extraordinary health and beauty to facial skin.

This protocol is offered in some of the top spas around the world.

This exclusive method utilizes specific massage movements on the face in sync with the lymphatic system. that allows for detox of the lymph fluid.  However, what gives the skin lift, is the additional step of compression movements specifically in areas of the face that hold more fluid.  Between the stimulation of moving the lymph and the sculpting compression movements, skin is lifted, contoured, and radiant.

The Lymphatic system


Lymph is the clear fluid that delivers vital nutrients as well as moving out toxins and waste.  Depending on our lifestyle and age, this lymph can sit longer in the tissue than it needs to thus creating bacteria that is fed into the skin as well as creating drag on the skin which exaserbates sagging of the skin.  Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have its own pump.  This is where lymphatic massage to speed up the detoxification of the lymphatic fluid comes in.

The benefits for the skin are improvement in tone, tightness/firmness and radiance.  This process is especially beneficial for acne, dryness, dullness and even skin sensitivity since sensitive skin is inflammed, and any inflammation will have excess fluid.

This method is not only good for improving the skin but it is very relaxing to receive.

All skin treatments in our menu utilize portions of this amazing protocol

Our Signature Treatment: Sculpting Lift utilizes all steps in this method and allows for the most dynamic result. 

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